What is needed to apply?

  • Financial Statement of Borrower and their Company
  • Description of property or buildings to be purchased
  • Funds needed and how they will be used
  • Descriptions, Titles, Appraisals or Tax Statements of Assets
  • Summary of borrower’s experience and what the end use will be
  • Debt Service Cash Flow currently and after purchase
  • Information currently applicable on any outstanding loans for assets 
  • Copies and Status of current loan applications in process
  • Borrower’s ownership breakdown and Managers resumes

Some of the things we look for in a loan sponsor (primary applicant) :

  • Cash or Unencumbered Assets in the deal.
  • Acceptable experience and track record in the type of business the funding will be used for.
  • No current personal or corporate tax liens unless they will be paid off prior to or as a part of funding.
  • Must pass personal criminal background requirements if funding requires it.
  • Verifiable personal and business references.
  • A co-operative mindset and truthful disposition we can work with.

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